Monday, December 1, 2008


I can not recall too many incidents when I did not have an opinion. Whether needed or not, whether asked for or not, I always seemed to have an opinion! Right or wrong, but at least I had a point of view.

But this week - I do not have an opinion on the blasts that rocked mumbai. I was and still am desperate to know what I can do to contribute to lessen the misery and anguish of the people who suffered. What can I do to ensure that such an attack does not recur again?

I am not looking for a knee-jerk emotional reaction (though I confess it took great effort to keep some tears rolling down as I watched or recollected the events on the tv).

Honestly... I do not know. I do not want to sound that I do not want to do anything.

What can I do? I can vote? whom should I vote? Tell me one competent guy among those who stand for election?

Tell me one politician who has not politicized even this event. Do they even have the 'c' of conscience?

May be its a weak moment, but I feel I have lost faith in democracy. At least in the form that we see it in India today. We are democratic only on paper.

If we truely are democratic, can a common man with a salary of Rs.10,000 per month become the chief minister today? I woke up to a rude shock! We are pseudo-democratic... the guys in power are the only ones who will always remain in power. And yeah you get a great 'democratic choice' between one of the two asses who stand up for elections!

I have been trying to condition myself that hatred can not stop hatred. Its only love that can dissolve hatred. Heck... again call it a weak moment if you will... but I just am fuming with hatred, anger and the most ill-feelings against those wretched politicians who not only brought us to this stage, but also have let us down so badly through their insensitive responses to the terror attacks.

Yes... I am observing all this. But what can I do?

I live in a democracy! True! Please ... provide me an OPTION to vote for. Please provide me a LEADER!

I know I sound like a real looser when I talk in this helpless tone. But... this week... there is no denial that I feel like one!

I do not know how to channelize my anger, pain, disappointment... but the least I can do is to remember those families who have suffered in my prayers.

God bless all the noble souls who fought for us. Salute to them!


rm said...

what can one say? one hlepless to another? no point right..But..Why cant u lead in ur way? without waiting for another to emerge ? like the ant incident...maybe thats what the world wants..

Hip Grandma said... does feel helpless.but that will not help.say 'No' to corruption.Things may improve.Say 'No'to casteism/communalism half the problem will vanish.But here again as long as the rift between the rich and poor remains one can do precious little.If from the same group of friends one is jobless and the other lands a five digit salary the former is likely to try and obtain money by illegal means.They are the vulnerable group and need the support of society.

Raghu said...

@rm and HG
agree with your points... we can do something in our own little ways.

May be when I wrote this, I was still in a state of shock and dis-belief at what I was seeing.

Time to pull ourselves up and do whatever little we can do for a change.

Tys on Ice said...

iam really glad tht you wrote this...felt the same way..infact i still feel the same way...iam filled with anger rather than hatred...most of the anger is directed back at cud i have let this happen?

but take a look raghu...see the changes?...its happening...we only had to furiously wish it and its already taking place...people are having their say...they are making the changes...slowly our politicians are becoming accountable...communities are joining hands...communal disharmony is slowly leaders are coming to the this hour of darkness india is shining and we are finding out that we have friends...

so be angry and direct it towards that change you want...looks like we were right :)

Raghu said...

when i wrote this, i was going through a temporary phase of disillusionment.

i think we can do our bit ... may be our own little bit. and yes, i see the changes. Sometimes it becomes imperative to hit the "lowest" in our lives to surge back to excellence. the "low" sometimes can be so low that it kicks you and awakens you.

rm said...

happy to read "i think we can do our bit ".

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